Fossilized Gender Bias

A Sociolinguistics Study of Hhow Intransigent Political Habits Impact Women in American Politics & the Media Industry that Drives the Stereotypes

  • Sharon Frame Centro de Educación Continua de la Escuela Politécnica Nacional


No woman has everbeen elected President of the United States. Despite historic breakthroughs by female politicians, shattering the ultimate glass ceiling is still an elusive feat. The purpose of this study is to analyze the extent to which gender bias influences the U.S. presidential election process. Its aim is also to measure the sociolinguistic impact of negative stereotypes of women in the country’s political culture. In gathering the research, the study examined the 2016 U.S. presidential race which featured Hillary Clinton. The veteran public servant ran against a male opponent who had no political experience. Donald Trump’s stunning victory shocked the world. It also re-kindled a public dispute about systemic gender discrimination in U.S. politics. This research investigation is a descriptive analysis of gender-specific political debates and discourses featured in TV documentaries,  news media coverage, as well as in YouTube videos. The inquiry also examines the impact of Hollywood movies that depict a fictional narrative on political gender bias, generating the question: “Is art imitating or reshaping life?” Evidence from the study points to fossilized cultural prejudice against female politicians who aspire to the nation’s highest levels of government. A fair and measured conclusion can also be drawn, which is that such embedded gender bias continues to reinforce outmoded norms, notions, and assumptions about the role of female politicians. But things could radically shift sooner than later. U.S. citizens get a chance to vote for or against a woman who is on the 2020 democratic ticket as presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate. If the democrats prevail, this female candidate, Kamala Harris, would be a heartbeat away from the most powerful political position in the world.


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